Long and Short CFD Trading

Long and Short CFD TradingA well rounded investment portfolio will contain a diverse mixture of financial instruments.

Whether this portfolio is conservative or aggressive, different investment sectors, such as bonds, stocks, futures, options and currencies provide long-term stability in the sense that one sector going through a rough patch will be offset, hopefully to a greater degree, by another sector gaining value. [Read more...]

Swing Trading CFDs

Swing Trading CFDsTrading Contract For Difference (CFD) financial instruments uses the same tactics and strategies that a trader employs when trading stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, indexes, futures contracts and Forex.

CFDs differ from futures and options in the regard that the contracts do not have an expiration date, so they do not experience the lack of liquidity that a futures or options contracts frequently encounter when they approach that expiration date. [Read more...]

CFD Trading Strategies

CFD Trading StrategiesTrading CFDs is one of the best ways that day traders can make easy money. In effect, you are stating whether you think a particular equity will go up or down. Trading CFDs removes the complications from the stock market, and it is extremely accessible for the average trader.

The best way to start trading CFDs is to get acquainted with a variety of trading strategies. Depending on how you think an equity price is likely to behave and how confident you feel with the market, you will want to use one of these strategies. [Read more...]